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My skin care Routine

Our skin types vary according to numerous hereditary and environmental factors, hence there isn’t a “perfect” skin care routine out there for all skin...

What is a good detox diet (liquid) for cleansing skin and...

Our skin is undoubtedly one of our more prized assets, but taking care of it is just a tad bit difficult. For a world...

Secrets to get a flawless skin

It’s kind of an enigma these days to get that celebrity look which can ensure us the flawless skin that we are all aiming...

How to prevent teeth discoloration

How to prevent teeth discoloration Sparkly, shining, sleek, white, glossy teeth. Who doesn’t want that? Pretty much every person on this planet is fan of...


Fat-Fighting Foods

Fat-Fighting Foods

Cool ways to fight fat

Cool ways to fight fat


How To Outsmart Diabetes

Goodbye Stress