Either Nutritionist your Hair or Get Gorgeous Skin with Rice Water
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Rice water is a rich substance with vitamins and minerals. In Asian countries where there is high cultivation of rice, people use it in various ways. Rice water is readily used for clear glowing skin and healthy shiny hair. This home remedy does not require hours of usage, rather it is a game of few minutes.

This substance is recommended by doctors even as cure for skin problems. The nutrients in rice water help your body particles to work better and enhances their abilities. Unlike other medicated cures which provide artificial results, rice water provides natural cure by simply working with existing body particles.

Benefits and Advantages

Rice water is also known for Asia’s beauty secret and keeping their skin glowing fresh. It contains vitamin B, C, E and minerals which enhances skin and hair beauty. Moreover the eight vital amino acids found in it promote complete health and beauty benefits.

For skin it works as a healer and toner:

  • It heals acne and prevents it from coming back
  • Shrinks pore size and keep them tight, which results in ever young skin.
  • Cure for eczema, dry patches and itchy skin
  • Brightens skin and gives you even skin tone
  • Keeps skin glowing and flawlessly smooth

For hair it can be used as a mask. Apply on hair until it gets a bit settled and then washed off for giving you shiny smooth hair. This is very effective for people surfing with dry frizzy hair, as it moisturizes them.

If you wish for long hair and are surfing from short length or inability of hair growth, rice water is the best solution for such problems.

How to make it

There are two easy ways for making rice water:

  1. Soaking
  2. Boiling
  • Soaking:

In this process we simply soak rice in water and then drain out the rice water from soaked rice. This process in easy as it does not involve constant supervision not or cooking.

  1. First take about 1 cup of organic rice in a large bowl.
  2. Wash the rice quantity thoroughly so that it is clean and free from any dust or other particles.
  3. Once you have washed the rice quantity soak it in 2 cups of clean fresh water.
  4. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes so that rice contents a fully mixed with water.
  5. After the time has passed, stir the rice and then drain out the nutritious rice water in a separate bowl.
  6. Store this watery content in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Before using this stir it well.
  • Boiling:

Here we boil rice in water and then drain the boiled water out for using.

  1. Take about 1 cup of organic rice in a bowl.
  2. Wash the rice quantity thoroughly until it is clean and free from any dirt particles.
  3. Once you have thoroughly washed the rice quantity, transfer it to an uncovered pan.
  4. Boil the rice quantity in 3 cups of clean water.
  5. When you feel the rice is cooked (soften) and the water in milky color take it off the stove.
  6. Drain the water out in a clean bowl, let it cool and store in refrigerator for 7 days in an airtight container.

How to apply

Once you have made the rich rice water content daily on skin. Use it as hair mask on your hair, by applying it from root to tip. Leave this content on hair for 20 minutes, was it with clean water first and then apply shampoo.

Caution! Do not apply hot rice water content to your skin or hair as this might result in burning and damaging of hair and skin.

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