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Home remedies for Migraine

Getting a headache every once in a while is a rather common occurrence these days. One painkiller down the throat usually does the trick...

How to manage Osteoporosis naturally

Our bones are an important asset of our body. They make up our body’s framework and give it the support and strength it needs...

Home remedies for heartburn

Heartburn, as the name indicates, is a burning sensation (no, not in your heart) in your chest or throat, that is caused due to...

Home remedies to get rid of fleas

As much as we love to inhabit our homes with pets, there’s one problem that comes with doing so; one that you cannot flee...

Irregular menstruation cycle and its remedies

The menstruation cycle in a normal, healthy woman is about 28 days, but, there is no hard and fast rule. Some get their periods...



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