Home remedies to get rid of fleas
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As much as we love to inhabit our homes with pets, there’s one problem that comes with doing so; one that you cannot flee from. That’s right; FLEAS. These are annoying pests that usually develop a parasitic relationship with animals, sucking on their blood and also creating havoc in the house. Getting rid of them is a challenge in its own right. Their ability to reproduce massively within a very short period of time makes them a hard customer to deal with. Their flat, wingless bodies with strong claws are well adapted to attach to their host’s fur or feathers, and travel along with them wherever they go. Thus; dropping their eggs along the way and multiplying their kind instantly.

It is relatively easy to determine whether or not your pet is infested with these menacing little creatures. Look out for symptoms such as; terrible itching, patchy scalps, irritable skin, hair loss, restlessness etc. While having to deal with them can be a tedious and painstakingly long process, there ARE a few very plausible ways available that can aid you in getting rid of these creeping pests using items available in every other home. Some of the easiest ways to get rid of fleas are;
1. Vacuuming:
As disbelieving as it sounds, vacuuming does help get rid of fleas in miraculous ways. Vacuuming thoroughly helps clear your carpets and furniture of these infesting parasites, but this simple activity can be taken up a notch by adding baking soda to the mix. Simply sprinkle baking soda all over your carpets, and with the help of a hard brush, infuse it into the fibers of the carpet. You can also try using salt, as it acts as a dehydrating agent and gets rid of adult fleas. After that, rigorously vacuum your house and dispose off the contents outside the house so that they may not return.

2. Boric acid:
Much like salt, boric acid is another chemical agent that destroys fleas by acting as a dessicant. By its dehydrating agent, it helps kill fleas and thus, helps you fight off the war against these exasperating tiny invaders.
3. Lemon :
Lemon may have infinite advantages and beneficial properties, but it can be devastating to fleas. Amongst the countless mercies of lemons, one such blessing of lemons on the human kind is their ability to help rid our homes and pets of these pests. Their acidic nature can deteriorate fleas and help you get rid of these pests without much effort. To make a lemon spray, cut a few thin slices of lemon with their skin attached. Add them in adequate amount of water and bring it up to a boil. Let it steep. After which you can add this solution in a spray bottle, and let the air filled with this miraculous spray droplets do its trick!
4. Essential oils:
Essential oils offer a multitude of uses. One of them is their use as in insect repellant. Essential oils, also known as ethereal or volatile oils, are aromatic liquids that have been used by man for over 5000 years in numerous remedies. Examples of essential oils to be used as insect repellants are: rose geranium hydrosol (not to be used on cats as they trigger a hypersensitivity reaction), lavender hydrosol, cedarwood essential oil, eucalyptus oil etc.

5. Apple cider vinegar:
Apart from its numerous wondrous effects on the skin and hair, it can assist you in getting rid of fleas. Simply spray some apple cider vinegar on your pets that have been infested by these pests, or are in danger of being so. This remedy is specifically important as a preventive measure, hence the application of this spray prior to letting your pets outside can help secure them from their parasitic attacks. You can prepare a solution by adding water and apple cider vinegar in the ratio of 1:2, for the purpose of dilution.

6. Rosemary :
Rosemary is also pretty effective when it comes to combating fleas. This particular remedy involves powdering the plant with some added ingredients such as fennel, peppermint. Rue etc. grind these ingredients together and sprinkle them over all areas and items you suspect have been invaded by the pests. Rosemary is a natural repellant, and can be used as a preventive measure rather than curative.

7. Diatomaceous earth :
When it comes to killing fleas, this particular natural product is effective. Diatomaceous earth is a soft rock that is formed after the remains of organisms called diatoms. DE should be used with caution, and take special care when using it. Do not let it enter your eyes, ears, nose etc. wear gloves for added protection. Sprinkle it over your pet’s bedding and other areas and items that have been infested by fleas.

Although fleas do not significantly attack humans, they are the carriers of numerous diseases; carrying bacteria of various kinds along with them and thus, endanger your health. Moreover, they can be particularly painful and damaging to your pets. Hence, better safe than sorry!

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