How a 1/4 teaspoon of Himalayan salt fights muscle pain, toxins, and belly fat.
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Most of us must have heard about the Himalayan salt (also known as the crystal salt) and some of us have included in our list of household items already realizing its advantages fully and others have simply jumped on the bandwagon. However, there is good news for those who have adapted to this ingredient. And for those who are still consuming the iodized salt; this bandwagon is one to be jumped on- Quick!

One popular use of the Himalayan salt is to relax all the muscle cramps people get from working hard. A soothing bath in which the water is mixed with Himalayan pink salt will help. The salt is rich in all kinds of trace minerals, including magnesium, which penetrates through the skin to take care of the soft tissues disturbed for some reason and the aching or damaged muscles. It highly alleviates soreness in your body, thanks to its many minerals which strengthen the bone, skin and connective tissues. The saline solution will ease the stiff joints and pulled muscles. People with arthritis should seriously consider jumping in this bath.

The Himalayan salt is free from many toxins. Other slats do not promise this trait. (Decide which one is pure)It is superior to ocean salt because seawater’s pollutants have not affected it. This salt has not been extracted or made overnight. It has taken thousands of years and it was untouched until recent decade which only exemplifies its purity. This eccentric ingredient is formed of all 84 minerals and trace elements and our cells can absorb it fast.

The Himalayan salt has less sodium than the average table salt. US Dietary Guidelines call for a daily intake of 2300 mg of sodium and this slat gives us less intake of sodium in comparison to other salts. The form of the salt is not touched by artificial process. You may be unknowingly consuming lots of toxins and some of them through table salt, but Pink salt assures this does not happen anymore. A bath can also help detoxify your body. The Himalayan salt is also effective for detox.

And yes! This pink salt is your weapon against fat. The salt cuts fat and the effects are evident soon. This ingredient helps in the process of metabolism to make it quick and in good kilter. We all want to lose weight but few of us do it without damaging out health. Weight loss through pink salt is actually healthy. The pink salt already contains iodine and it is not added into it artificially unlike table salt. Now, this helps accelerate the balance of metabolism and the necessary nutrient that is added naturally generates positive results regarding weight loss. In a comment by Dr. Mark Sircus, he underlines that the slat can balance stomach acid, promote digestion and support and regulate metabolism.

The people of Himalaya call it the white gold. And one must say they do it rightfully! We expect you now get rid of the sea and salt and table salt you are using and enjoy the multiple uses and benefits of Himalayan salt that are just a teaspoon away!

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