Secret Asian Herbs That Burn Belly Fat
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In our culture, the practice of treatment through various herbs and spices is widely prevalent. This is mainly due to the reason that different herbs grow in great abundance here. In addition to the treatment of various ailments these herbs prove beneficial in weight loss, especially for those who want to burn belly fat.

Certain herbs and spices can help you maintain a healthy body weight, by helping in the digestion of food, by helping you to lose fat and by giving you a feeling of fullness.

So if we earnestly want to lose some weight we should consider using the following herbs and spices generously:


Our digestion improves and the energy levels get a boost when we include Ginseng in our diet. Especially Panax Ginseng plays an active role in weight-loss. Due to the use of Ginseng the fat in our body is oxidised and thus reduced. Ginsenosides are important active compounds found in ginseng roots. Ginsenosides effect the mechanisms at the molecular level which results in less intake of food.


Cayenne Pepper:                                                                         

There’s a compound in cayenne pepper, capsaicin, which is responsible for the spiciness of the pepper. It burns the fat in our body and limits the intake of food, this helps us to lose weight. It also lowers the blood sugar levels while prevents the fat to collect in our bodies by bringing about certain protein changes. Capsaicin is a thermogenic substance that burns the body’s fat to create heat.

Green Tea:

Green Tea has been used for centuries in the Asian countries and this miraculous herb has done wonders for weight loss. The process of burning fat is quickened and our digestion gets a boost, due to the anti-oxidants and catechins present in Green Tea.

The Nettle Leaf:

Although this herb is not as common as the ones mentioned above but is undoubtedly a very useful herb. Our immune system and the digestive system get a boost from vitamins A & D which are present in this herb. The Nettle Leaf removes all toxins and chemicals from our body in addition to burning fat.


Guggul is a popular ayurvedic treatment which has played an active role in weight-loss. The Guggul Herb brings down the levels of bad cholesterol and helps the body in the weight-loss efforts. Along with exercise and a balanced diet, if we take guggul regularly, there’s no reason that we won’t lose weight fast. Actually, the main reason for it being so effective is that it improves the thyroid function.


In addition to being a delicious spice, cinnamon is a great way to lose weight. Our blood sugar-levels are also normalized with the use of cinnamon, this helps the body to lose weight. If we use cinnamon regularly it helps in burning fat, improves our digestion and increases our metabolism.


The Dandelion is a very healthy plant and all its parts are edible. This plant helps in the digestion and makes us feel full for a longer time so that we feel the need to eat after longer intervals. Dandelions also have anti-oxidant qualities and are helpful in bringing down the blood-sugar and cholesterol levels.


Another herb that helps us to lose weight, is Mustard. The mustard seeds are known to have the quality to fasten our metabolic rate by 25%.This wonderful herb burns our calories at a faster rate and also stops the process of the collection of fat. It has been seen that if we take the mustard seeds daily, it will help us lose calories at a faster rate.

So if we want to benefit from these herbs and spices we should make it a habit to include them in our daily diet and we will see a marked change in our body weight.

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