Healthy lifestyle and setting goals
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People are more vocal about their health and their healthy life more than ever. People tend to start with their goals at the beginning of the year. However, their morale seems to go down the drain as the time goes by. Therefore, it is not only important to start with a healthy diet but to maintain it as well.

It is not very hard as you make it part of your lifestyle.

Our body itself is a miracle. Each and every organ works involuntarily without putting any effort of our own. The only job we have is to make sure that we provide it the best quality fuel. Fuel is, of course, the food we eat

Drink more water:

You can consider your body as your shield. The more you expose it to the unhealthy routine the more rapidly it wears out. Hence, for a healthy mind and body, protecting yourself must be your priority.

You may have heard it countless times; nevertheless, this point cannot be ignored. 70% of our body is comprised of water only. This makes it very hard to avoid considering the importance it has in our bodies. Your normal metabolic activities are carried out with the help of water. It also helps to detoxify your body from the possible by-product developed from the normal metabolic activities.

Water is essential for maintaining optimum levels of fluid in the body. These fluids are involved in processes like digestion, production of saliva, transportation of nutrients, absorption, circulation, maintaining body temperatures etc. Water can be regarded as a fluid jam-packed with nutrients. When you’re thirsty, your brain tells you to quench your thirst, and you shouldn’t ignore it. Since water can also be used a substitute for unhealthy beverages, it has overall health benefits and can help you obtain a beautiful skin. Not just that, but water helps maintain a healthy body weight. Drinking lots of water before meals can help you feel fuller and not indulge too much. A balanced diet with adequate quantities of water can surely do the trick for maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

The amount of water intake must not be less than 8 glasses per day. However, it varies from one body type to another. It also depends on which part of the world you are living, as it also tends to have a lot of effect on your body.

If you do not have a habit of drinking a lot of water or if you are unable to set goals then you can do the following:

  • Get yourself a fancy water bottle and take it wherever you go.
  • Have vegetables and fruits that have a high water content.
  • Set reminders on your phone to remind you to drink water after every half an hour so.

Get a good night sleep:

In our busy schedules and routines, neglecting a good night’s sleep has almost become an alien concept. A good healthy lifestyle is one where you get optimum hours of sleep at night. A good night sleep is more important than you think. When you sleep, your body recovers itself whilst all the bodily functions take place normally. Sleeplessness makes your skin age quite rapidly. It will make you look older than your actual age. Insomnia is a commonly encountered problem in today’s world. This is because we fail to manage our priorities and end up neglecting what matters most. It’s not just a healthy diet and physical activity that matters. Rest is just as important.

If you have a busy schedule, you can sleep timely. For example, you can take 20 minutes power nap during the day to boost up your energy.

If you are a light sleeper, then you must do the following:

  • Plan out a routine before you go to sleep.
  • Turn off all the devices, including your TV.
  • Draw your curtains
  • Put your phone in sleep mode

This will help you to go to sleep faster and have a good night sleep.


Set out timings for a small workout session. It helps to calm your soul. Your daily workout will help you save from a number of chronic diseases, like, diabetes and chronic diseases. Make sure that your ultimate goal is to have fun rather than an excursion. To have a healthy lifestyle, maintenance is the key!

Positive vibes only:

People around us play a significant role when it comes to our health. Try to keep positive people closer to you. These people will help you to develop an affirmative mind which is great for your mental health. This will also help you to be more decisive and confident about your actions. Healthy lifestyle choices have a lot to do with our mental health and not just physical health. Therefore, it is essential you keep negative thoughts and toxic people out of your life. Find people that give you a reason to live and fight another day; people who will motivate you to achieve your goals instead of killing your vibes. You need not let people that discourage you get to you.

Physical activity:

Make sure that you participate in a daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes. It does not mean that you have to sign up for the gym. You can simply go for a walk or a jog. You must also follow a proper breathing pattern. It will help you to have a good oxygen content in your body.

Track your daily progress:

It is very important that you note down your daily progress. This will also be your source of motivation and it will help you to strive for more.

You can have a follow-up on your health with an application installed on your phone. The best option is to have a smart watch. These watches not only serve the purpose but they also serve as a great accessory!

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