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One thing that everyone should pay a lot of attention to when taking care of their skin is how to handle stress. Now, I know it might seem an impossible thing to do considering how busy everyone’s life has gotten. But a key to a healthy lifestyle includes stress management. Stress can be deleterious to your health in more ways than one, but in today’s world, evading stress seems pretty implausible. People tend to stay frustrated and angry most of the times, and have a hard time coping with anxiety. That being said, there are some easy ways to manage our lives in such a way that would minimize stress and stress factors. Lifestyle is often times the key to how good or bad our life is and making certain necessary amendments that aren’t particularly difficult to do can be life-changing for sure!

One of the biggest factors as to why Spas and Skin treatment centers use aroma-therapy and soothing atmospheres is because it has a huge impact on your mood. Scientists have discovered that those who keep their stress level under control have led healthier lives and, in turn, managed their work load along with their other day to day activities.

Let’s talk about what stress can do to your skin and your health. Below are couple of hints that your skin gives out to you when your stress is affecting it.

Bags under your eyes: Believe it or not, this is actually a causation of stress, which prevents you from getting enough sleep. Dark circles and puffiness of your under-eye region can be somewhat healed by getting good amount of sleep and keeping a healthy diet. Too much stress can lead to sleep deprivation which can cause bags under your eyes to develop or worsen. Although many a times, dark circles are genetic and in such cases, it may be close to impossible to get rid of your dark circles permanently. But getting adequate sleep and taking optimum care of your under-eye area, you can minimize the damage and not let these unsightly bags render you insecure about how you look. In addition to optimum levels of sleep, you must also make sure your skin isn’t overly dried or deprived of nutrients that may contribute to darkening of under-eye bags. According to your skin type and your skin concerns, choose the type of product that will work for your skin. See here in this guide, the optimal choice for your eye-care.

Dullness and dryness: Lack of energy, or proper sleep can cause bags under your eyes to form, but it also ends up dulling your skin. Since most of our routine gets messed up because of loaded schedules, deadlines, chores, we tend to skip out on daily essentials in our diet that can really under-nourish the skin. Inability to keep ourselves hydrated leads to dull, flaky skin. Since our body can’t retain moisture for long, we really need to be dedicated towards keeping ourselves hydrated; for that we need to focus on drinking more water and following daily skin routines in order to keep our skin looking healthy and fresh. Your body is almost 60% water, so it is essential to keep up your bodily fluid levels. We must have at least 8 glasses of water daily, or around 2 liters of water for a healthy functioning body. Water helps in detoxifying and dieresis and may be helpful in ridding your body of the noxious particles damaging your body. this may also help in reducing stress and anxiety cure.


As you’ll have it, one of the CEW’s Beauty Awards Winner of 2017; ELEMIS Superfood Facial Oil has been proven to brighten up and rejuvenate your skin, making you look absolutely stunning and radiant in no time.

Acne and Blemishes: You heard me. Acne is majorly caused due to lack of upkeep of your skin’s daily needs and requirements. Keeping acne under control requires time and effort on your part, and it also requires having good products that suit the pH level of your skin. Finding the right kind of product can be a bit difficult, but look no further, ELEMIS has a range of products you can choose from and the best part is that most of its ingredients contain natural resources.

You can find the products which suit your skin, here in their guide.

This guide is a holy grail of skincare. With a list of products that can help clear the blemishes and acne of your skin and bring back the radiance.

One of the most recommended products that have a 100 percent success rate is the S.O.S Emergency Cream. With some of the best reviews listed below, this cream has proven to be a miracle when it comes to the matter of acne and blemishes.

Rashes:  stress and anxiety can mess up with your normal body flora, aka the amount of bacteria present in your body. When your stress levels go up, bad bacteria tend to dominate and create an imbalance known as dysbiosis. This leads to the development of hives and rashes, both of which are unsightly to the skin. You can relax your skin by practicing certain breathing exercises that may eliminate rashes and hives. It is still advisable to visit a doctor in case you might need antibiotics for your bacterial imbalance in the gut.


In all honesty, stress messes you up and in times when you feel stressed all you need to do is take control of your life, prep up for your night-in/ spa-at-home experience. Give yourself some Tender Love and Care.

Kick back, change to your most comfortable attire, put on some music and relax. You can make your experience even more revitalizing by aromatherapy. It dates back centuries but it is widely under-appreciated.

Even so, count yourself lucky. With the wide range of Life-Elixirs ELEMIS has to offer, you can bid farewell to your stress, your insomnia, and your worries! These aromatherapy elixirs calm your senses and helps you relax. What better way to end the day? Choose from the provided range of Life-Elixirs here.

Discover new blends and find out the ones you love. Lavender can be a great relaxer and ELEMIS makes sure that natural antioxidants and calming ingredients are incorporated in the making of their products. Check out the ELEMIS Store right now and get yourself some nice deserving, and relaxing products.

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