Cool ways to fight fat
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As much as the world has started to launch movements against body shaming, and in favor of acceptance of your own bodies, the fact still remains; NOBODY wants to look fat. Irrespective of the aesthetic aspects, excess bodily fat can be the torch bearer of numerous diseases; both acute and chronic (hello, diabetes and hypertension). So while self-acceptance is an essential leap towards the nourishment of self esteem, it is rather prudent to realize what matters most; your health. Compromising your health under any circumstances is thus, nothing short of a futile mistake.
Now the most frequently arising question is; how to lose weight? Not just do people wish to attain that perfect size zero figure, but they want to do it in the quickest way possible. Fat reduction can be a tricky, time consuming process, and requires tons of devotion to the cause. You must give up on many food items, and adopt many practices which might seem bothersome otherwise. There are a number of diet plans available that have proved to be effective in weight loss. Belly fat can be troublesome, but getting rid of fat cells from generally any part of the body can be challenging.
While the world is focused towards devising new and improved ways of combating everyday problems, here are some cool ways to lose fat, and to do it in the fastest way.

1. Exercise :
As much as you may want to avoid moving those rusted muscles, losing weight without exercise is like filling a cup without a bottom. Burning calories is a dream that needs efforts to reach completion. There are many effective exercises to lose fat from various parts of the body, and depending on your requirements, you may adopt them. Different exercises work in different ways and on different parts. It is essential to start off slow and steady, and to take it up a notch every other day. Once your muscles start to get accustomed to the strain, they’ll adapt better. Zumba dancing has become increasingly famous these days, a workout to lose weight that incorporates dancing, to make things fun and interesting. The more rigorous your workout, the faster you’ll lose fat. Exercising not only helps you reduce weight, it keeps you healthy and active, and saves you from a multitude of chronic diseases and aging effects.

2. What to eat to lose weight:
Perhaps the biggest question when wanting to lose weight, is what to eat? Dieting isn’t about starving yourself, it’s about adopting a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients, and low in calories. It is meant to meet your daily nutrient requirements, simultaneously keeping your body in shape. Anyone who needs to lose weight fast, needs to adopt both exercising AND a proper diet plan to attain their desired body goals. Contrary to popular belief, depriving yourself of these essential nutrients won’t help you burn fat, it would only make it grow more. Eat more protein, more organic, less heavy foods, skip sugars and moderate your carbs intake, and go easy on that dinner meal.

3. Walking to lose weight:
Taking a long stride on a beach on a bright sunny day, or a cool breezy day can be relaxing and fun. Walking isn’t just for peace and tranquility, but gives you the pleasure of effectively losing weight. Brisk walking for around 30 minutes can help you lose around 150 calories. So incorporate walking in your daily lives, but not just a casual stride in the park; work those muscles and walk briskly. It not just helps you reduce weight, but also lets you lead a healthy, active life.
4. Drink water:
Water for weight loss is becoming increasingly popular. Drinking water is a natural way to lose weight, the gift of nature. Water is calories free, and consuming greater quantities of water will help you feel fuller without having gained any unsightly fat, and keeps you fresh and hydrated. An average human being must consume around 2 liters of water daily, and drinking few glasses of water before meals is an even more effective way to lose weight. Water also helps you rid your body of the various harmful toxins, by inducing a diuretic effect.
5. Green tea for weight loss:
Green tea has been popularly incorporated in the weight loss regimen. Green tea has catechins that help boost metabolism, hence helps in quick weight loss. Of course, green tea alone cannot do miracles, hence everything works hand in hand.
6. Caffeine:
Caffeine can be added to your diet plans to boost your metabolism, and burn fat. But these are merely short term effects. In the long run though, caffeine does help suppress your appetite, so eventually contributing to quick fat loss. Not just that, but caffeine is known for its stimulating effects, hence it can aid in expending more energy whilst workouts. And it’s always better to replace those carbonated, sugary beverages with something less weight gaining.
7. Breakfast:
You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And undoubtedly the most neglected one as well. As significant as a good, healthy, rich breakfast is for daily functioning and optimum lifestyle, our busy schedules and messed up sleeping and waking up routines serve as a major hindrance. People who tend to skip breakfasts, end up consuming more calories throughout the day. You can add oatmeal, peanut butter, raspberries, bran cereals, yogurt etc to your morning meal to get added benefits of nutrition with less calories consumption.
8. Fibers:
Fibers aid in digestion, and have thus been proven to help reduce fat. A good way to fight fat is to incorporate fibers in your daily diet, that’ll help you maintain a healthy GI tract.

Weight loss can be a demanding task, but with enough motivation and devotion, anyone can achieve their desired goals. People should focus on their personal health and well being, irrespective of what others think of them, and adopt the weight loss plan they deem perfect and suitable on them.

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