Why should we drink more water?
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Water is a vital part of Life. Not only human life, but all forms of life. We humans are made up of 70 percent water; which in itself should give anyone an idea of our need for water. According to science, the first sign of life was also formed in the seas around four billion years ago and it later evolved into organisms of air and land and much later grew into beings not much different than we humans are today.


The average amount of water lost daily by an adult human is around a hundred ounces out of which up to 32 ounces is lost through respiration and sweat. And up to 50 ounces is lost through defecation or urination. Hence, even an inactive adult needs up to 8 – 12 glasses of water daily and the number increases up to a double or even a triple for the people who perform cardio or regularly workout.

Water makes us what we are. Hence, sufficient consumption of water is necessary to live a healthier, happier life. These are not mere words; Drinking water actually does have numerous advantages. Here are a few benefits of drinking water:

  1. Bye-Bye Toxins!

What are toxins, you may ask? Well, toxins are noxious substances produced by living cells that harm you in more ways than one. Moral of the story, they’re bad, and you definitely need to rid your body of them. Water flushes out the poisonous components from your system via sweating and urination, reducing the risk of kidney stones. Urinary diuresis performed by the kidney is improved, ensuring effective excretion of all such toxic materials from the body, keeping you miles away from their ill effects.

  1. Radiant Skin

So now the question is, does drinking water help your skin? Drinking water everyday Hydrates your skin and makes it softer. It gives you a glowing complexion depending on the amount you drink. It makes your skin smoother and gives you a natural glow. It even helps get rid of wrinkles and slow down the skin aging process. It’s natural, tested and much better than any skin product you could possibly use as the skin products are harmful in the long run and leave your skin worse than it would’ve been normally. Water even helps remove acne off the skin in some ways, as increased diuresis helps body get rid of the toxins that could otherwise pollute your skin. Drinking water helps keep your skin hydrated; hence those with dry skin having acne issues need not do anything more than just drink loads of water.

  1. Helping Digestion

It helps in digestion as water is an essential part of the digestive process and makes it more efficient. Water helps soften the stool and aids in easy defecation. It also helps fight off problems such as constipation, piles etc.

  1. Stronger immunity

It is said that for an average adult, at least 8 glasses of water are a necessity. The amount of water per day varies according to individual needs. Well, the more you drink daily, the lesser your chances of getting sick because all your bodily functions work properly when you’re well hydrated and helps increase your metabolism to make you less prone to diseases. However, beware of impure water which can itself become a cause of major diseases at times.

  1. Migraines, be gone!

Water increases blood flow in your body making you more active and less lazy. It helps you be more active and relieves you of common headaches, backaches and even severe pains like the ones you experience during migraines. All of these are commonly caused due to dehydration and can be remedied as fast as they arise just by drinking a sufficient amount of water.

  1. Say no to Fat!

Water removes the by-products of fat and makes digestion easier. Water makes absorption of minerals much easier and foods easier to digest. Water can even help you eat less given you fill up on It before meals. It makes you sweat more and urinate more often which is a result of faster digestion; a way of releasing excess energy. When all that excess energy is being removed, it also burns excess fat in the process making you a smarter, fitter person with every sip.

  1. Energize yourself

Benefits of drinking lots of water include better blood circulation process and causes you to absorb more minerals from food intake. Water helps absorb the minerals more efficiently which gives you more Calories and energy to use to be more productive or to exercise to develop muscles faster or to lose fat or however you choose to utilize the excess energy. The better blood flow also makes you less fatigued if you regularly hydrate yourself which can make you less lazy and more confident in taking up harder, more challenging tasks that you normally wouldn’t have been able to take.

  1. Productivity Booster

Your brain is mostly made up of water and drinking more helps you think faster. It makes your mind much sharper and can help you think and asses things from a different perspective. It helps you focus on the matters at hand and makes the brain function more efficient. It boosts your attention span and aids in concentrating for longer periods of time which can make you much more productive than you would be with a dehydrated and fatigued brain.

  1. Stronger Muscles and joints

Water is needed to transport nutrients along your body to the cells and drinking more means a more effective transport system. Water helps in protein buildup and structuring glycogen. Your body is deprived of electrolytes which help in nerve reaction and muscle buildup .When you aren’t properly hydrated, it causes electrolyte imbalance which can be a cause of severe muscle cramps. Benefits of staying hydrated include keeping your joints lubricated and making the muscles more flexible which makes them less prone to joint pain and sprains.

  1. Cheerier you!

Lots of water can make you happier as you aren’t fatigued, your body functions normally and your readiness for all kinds of physical activity leaves your mind at peace. You may often end up making better decisions and doing more productive tasks, making you much more content with yourself and helping you to feel better about yourself. It also stimulates your senses and helps you be more aware of your surroundings. Dehydration also makes you cranky, irritated, and angry. So consuming lots and lots of water is sure to keep you in a good mood throughout the day!

  1. Prevention of cancer

Various studies have proven the effect of hydration on the health of the body including a marked reduction in the risk of developing cancers. Drinking adequate quantities of water reduces the risk of colon cancer by 45%, bladder cancer by 50%, and also reduced risk of developing breast cancers.

  1. Kidney function

Kidneys perform the function of filtration and so are in need of adequate quantities of water to be able to perform their function effectively. Your kidney fails to function optimally when your body is subjected to dehydration.

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