8 super foods for long term weight loss
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So apparently, there is a difference between the foods and nutrients that rapidly melt down your body fat, (you regain it once you go off that diet) and the foods that ensure steady yet long term weight loss. The latter ones are named super foods because of the amazing change they bring to your life.

Fruits have the magical capability to fill your tummy in very little calories. Their high-fibre content is another plus point.
2 cups of strawberry slices add only 99 calories.
Two cups apple slices is only 130 calories with 5-9 g fiber in each.
Raspberries is only 65 calories and 8 g fiber in one cup.
Then there are watermelon and grapefruit, that are laden with water content.
Tart Cherries and blueberries, on the other hand, possess fat-fighting antioxidants that reduce belly fat.

The chief ingredients in green tea that boost fat-burning are the antioxidant EGCG and Caffeine. They trigger weight loss by stimulating the actions of the hormone norepinephrine and thereby allowing the body to burn more body fat and improve exercise outcomes. The catechins in green tea are what boost our metabolism, and a faster metabolism, means a slimmer you. Green tea does come in many delicious flavors now, so you can get a bit of taste alongside a healthy lifestyle.
Fish is an amazing source of protein and fats. The good news? The fats that salmon contains is considered to be heart-healthy, “Good fats”. Known as omega-3 fatty acids, these fats ensure a healthy heart, so they help avoid diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes, other cardiovascular diseases etc. Being rich in protein, they make you feel fuller faster, simultaneously keeping your calories meter in check. With the enormous flexibility and versatility that they have to offer in terms of taste, salmon definitely makes it to the superfoods list!

Delicious AND healthy, these wonders of nature are a treat for everyone. Sure, they’re also loaded with fats, but their consumption in moderation will help you keep your weight loss routine at bay. One of the top superfoods to exist on this planet, are nuts. Almonds, more specifically, have been considered as nutrient packed treasures that aid in weight loss. Loaded with proteins and fibers, they help you satisfy your appetite. They’re also rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant that prevents diseases. You can order some of the most delicious and versatile nuts here.

A bowl of high-fibre, whole grain oatmeal with its 4g fibre and 6g protein, when taken in breakfast allows you to stay full for longer hours as compared to other breakfast meals and thus you can reduce your mid-day snacks.One bowl of quinoa has 5g fibre, 8g protein and complex carbs that not only provide energy to burn calories but also induce your brain to feel stomach-full for quite a few hours.

As the rule says “the darker, the better”. Chocolate with cocoa content 70% and above is the right kind with actual benefits to your metabolism. Chocolate reduces cortisol levels, that is supposed to slow down metabolism. So a chunk of dark chocolate along with a bowl of oatmeal and cappuccino is a perfect breakfast to keep your metabolism on a fast forward mode all day long.

You burn more calories to maintain muscle (protein) than to melt fat. The reason we include eggs to our superfoods is them being the best protein source. Consuming eggs in breakfast enables your metabolism to speed up the calorie burning process. Also eggs are included in satiety-inducing foods; the ones that let your hunger centers sleep for long hours.

They may not taste great to a lot of people, but they are one of the best superfoods made available to us by nature. Be it kale, spinach, swiss chards or whatever, these leafy green vegetables are high in fiber and low in carbs. They definitely make it to the list of best superfoods. And are a perfect combination for a healthy you!

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